Eleonore Magilinon
Don't waste your time or time will waste you. (c)
They stood alone on separate ways
Two pillars made of ice and snow
And on into the passing days
They hadn’t the heart to stay or go

She was lost, unknown, confused
A rose caught in a devil’s snare
He was tired, used, abused
An angel in a monster’s lair

Two troubled souls of black and white
Searching for answers they did not know
Yet left in reach of blinding sight
The answer etched in ice and snow…

…But mirror eyes cannot hope to see
Nor fragile hearts to feel
The wind, the rain, the fire, the sea
What is false? What is real?

Angel keys and Mystic lure
A Dream, by moon, unclasp
For her to reach out for the future
And him break free from the past

These pillars melt from wind and flame
These hearts unlock to truth
The rose will bloom and just the same
So shall the angel unroot

Her heart longed to love and be loved in return
And now with her unshadowed sight
Wings shall encase them and she will learn
That he has tainted her world white.

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